Shortlist Amsterdam English - Cookbook

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Amsterdam’s most special restaurants together in an iconic cookbook: Shortlist Amsterdam.

Instead of highlighting conceptual flashes in the pan, fleeting hotspots, or formal fine-dining establishments, this beautifully designed book focuses on 22 authentic restaurants that will never grow stale.

Amsterdam’s culinary scene is thriving, yet it’s almost impossible to keep up with so many new restaurants opening their doors. After years of tasting dishes and reviewing pretty much every restaurant in Amsterdam, food journalists Famke & Floor van Praag have compiled their definitive list of all-time favorites.

The 22 restaurants and culinary cafés have been selected because the food is so utterly delicious, but also because the wine list is perfect, the staff leave nothing to chance, and the vibe is outstanding.

The cookbook is a genuine homage to these uncompromising places, with stunning photography by Petrovsky & Ramone. It includes 44 favorite recipes, from Rijsel’s rotisserie chicken and Toscanini’s mouth-watering mackerel pasta to fabulous vegetable creations by BAK, Choux, Entrepot, and Bar Centraal.