Artist Puzzle Collective

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Since the start of the pandemic, people everywhere have discovered the fun of solving jigsaw puzzles. That is a good thing. Because solving jigsaw puzzles is much more than just a fun pastime. It helps train your memory, it helps you relax, it stimulates creativity, and it releases the ‘feel-good’ hormone dopamine. Solving jigsaw puzzles has even been coined as the ‘new mindfulness’. For people of all ages.

Since the start of the pandemic, many talented artists’ lives have also been at a standstill. Add these two factors up and there you go! The Artist Puzzle Collective has been born.

The Artist Puzzle Collective is a group of (young) artists that come together every three months to work on and release a new artistic jigsaw puzzle. This way, we give the creators the opportunity to show their work, and, at the same time, we create a collection of trendy jigsaw puzzles. It’s a win-win for everyone involved: people who enjoy solving jigsaw puzzles, the artists, and ourselves! Because Samen Met Max always combines the best people of its network to solve the puzzle and get the job done.  

The first puzzle was designed by Pieter from Skulls n’ Jellyfish (; the workshop for everyone that is bold and cares for the environment. The founders, Pieter and Margot Borst, are both visual thinkers and are not afraid to stretch the limits of daring design. Skulls n’ Jellyfish makes hand-drawn, edgy patterns that they apply on sustainable interior design pieces such as wallpaper, curtains, and lampshades.

The Artist Puzzle Collective’s jigsaw puzzles’ designs are always socially engaged; they relate to socially relevant topics, trends, or events. The first theme, for example, is ‘covid’ but the next theme could be anything from world animal day to the gay pride to loneliness at Christmas. Apart from helping each other, we also donate one euro to a charity of the artist’s choice for every jigsaw puzzle sold. For the first edition, we chose the red cross, because of their amazing work during the pandemic.