LANDSCAPES IN WOOL by Eugenie Ligthart

Years ago, Eugenie Ligthart, took a walk with a shepherd and his flock. Sheep grazing everywhere. It was like a sea of wool, a landscape within a landscape, alive, warm and dynamic. That walk, Ligthart determined the direction  took with Landscapes in Wool.

The raw and original material is inseparable from the landscape and homelands of the sheep themselves. Ligthart wants to capture the peace, wholeness and beauty that lies in nature in the diversity and texture of the wool. In this way she tries to build a bridge from nature to the interior and share that special feeling she had during that walk with the shepherd.

LANDSCAPES IN WOOL believes in the unique appearance of wool at its purest. By staying as close as possible to the original state and texture of the wool, it has the greatest expressiveness in your interior

LANDSCAPES IN WOOL has a collection of unique rugs and fleeces. Handmade from 100% virgin wool, animal friendly and without chemicals. Products that stand out for their authenticity and artistry.